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How do you create a team that cooperates smoothly? How do you improve team performance? And what types of leadership are part of this? In this seminar it will be illustrated by means of remarkable, compelling and sometimes hilarious movieclips from films and documentaries.
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A good team goes through an intense journey before it functions optimally. The transition from a classically managed team to a more self-managing team also requires important transformations. In this seminar we will discuss the main stages of team development and the different team roles and forms of leadership that go with it. Special attention is given to the tensionfields that must be handled in teams. The seminar is based on the narrative approach of the Double Healix Model for Leadership and the method is MovieLearning!

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For whom

This seminar is ideally suited for executives, HR managers, team leaders and committed team members who want to investigate whether Double Healix can add value to their organization (profit and non-profit). The seminar is also suitable for team trainers, team coaches and organizational consultants who want to get acquainted with the Double Healix Triple-T team development method and are interested in the transformation to more self-managing teams. And especially for people who like to learn from movieclips.


Triple-T Team development

Team phases

The journey of a team consists of several phases. Double Healix builds on Bruce Tuckman’s phases. Forming, Storming, Norming… through the first results to success, and refined through setbacks to optimal contributions.

Team roles

Each team member has one or more team roles. It is important to find out who fulfills which role and whether all necessary roles are sufficiently present in the team. Where are the strengths of a team and where is something or someone missing? How can existing tensions in a team be explained? And what adjustments are needed to improve collaboration and results?

Team leadership

It is no longer the case that the formal leader of a team is the only one in charge. A good leader listens to all team members, and lets everyone participate at the right time. How do you achieve a team dynamic that supports the best of each group member and makes the team a solid whole?
  • 13:00 Doors open with coffee, tea or juice.
  • 13:30 Programme: Team phases, roles and leadership, including tensionfields.
  • 20 min break somewhere along the line
  • 17:30 End of programme.

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Meet the trainers

Depending on the date this training is given by one or more of these trainers

Manfred van Doorn:
Keynote speaker | Leadership trainer | Author | Board member
Manfred is an internationally active leadership trainer, offering training courses for directors in England, Ireland, Belgium, Germany, Poland, Canada, and…
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Marcel Karreman:
Leadership Trainer | Author
Marcel is a senior trainer in change trajectories and leadership programs in the Netherlands and internationally. He guides teams in…
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Rozemarijn Dols:
Leadership Trainer | Author
Rozemarijn studied Social and Work and Organisation Psychology. In the years following her studies, she continued her education, taking courses…
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Isodoor Jonker:
Operations manager | Leadership trainer
Isodoor has been working at Double Healix since 2010. He is operational manager of the organisation, Certified Double Healix trainer,…
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Price of the seminar

Tickets are: € 250,- excl. 21% VAT.

Scheduled seminars

Currently there are no seminars scheduled. Are you interested?

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