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Manfred van Doorn

… is an internationally active leadership trainer, offering  training courses for directors in England, Ireland, Belgium, Germany, Poland, Canada and the United States, but also for senior officials of China, South Africa and Kazakhstan. Within his extensive fields of expertise he frequently works in major MD programmes of multinationals such as Pon, TNT, SHV, Atradius, ING, Triodos, Redevco, Deloitte, Esprit, Heineken, Unilever, IBM, KPN, Ahold, Clondalkin, Océ, Metro Group.

Manfred also provides training courses to NGOs such as Greenpeace and care institutions such as the UMC and Spirit Amsterdam. At the Institute for Management Studies he facilitates training courses to leaders of Fortune 500 companies. His training for IMS London being assigned the highest score to date.
In the Netherlands, Manfred held the position of professor within  the prestigious Candidate program of the Public Service Office of the Ministry of Internal Affairs, which was adopted internationally. This program focused on the Double Healix model he designed. In addition, he frequently teaches leaders of other ministries and government agencies.

Manfred’s professional background was originally as a practicing psychologist-psychotherapist , using his vast  experience, judge of character and humour to help leaders find the centre of their strength and talents.

Manfred is known for his passion  and immense knowledge of movies, which he frequently uses to support leadership development. The Double Healix model he developed can be of great benefit to design MD programs, in particular due to the narrative structure of the model, the vivid examples from movies and documentaries, the focus on paradoxes, versatile leadership and diversity. Manfred devotes his life to the integration of inner and outer leadership and to help the establishment of an Ecology of Meaning within a sustainable society.

With a large international team, Manfred works on the development of community-based E-Learning, called MovieLearning. This is a large-scale interactive digital learning environment drawing on movie footage and stories based on the Double Healix model. MovieLearning is deployed for organization and leadership development, but also for parenting, pedagogy and the development of a sustainable society. Another focus point of his activities is the global roll-out of the Double Healix Academy.
Recent books published by Manfred include: Het Wiel Opnieuw Uitvinden. Cycli en Niveaus van Leiderschap (English translation will be released soon: Reinventing the Wheel. Cycles and Levels in Leadership); This is the And. De Toekomst voor Beginners (a Dutch book) which he co-wrote with his son Victor van Doorn; and the Dutch book Zin in Opvoeden. Behoeften, Deugden, Duurzaamheid which he co-wrote with Brechje de Koning.

Sylvia Mastenbroek

… was originally a practicing clinical psychologist and researcher. Together with her partner Manfred van Doorn, she leads the team and organization of the Plannensmederij and Double Healix Academy. Sylvia is responsible for all productions, coordinating the training and lectures. Sylvias publications about male-female relations – including the Dutch book ‘De Illusie van Veiligheid’ (The Illusion of Safety) – are frequently used in women’s health services.

Sylvias’ strengths lie both in her down-to-earth research attitude alongside her systematic probing method, as well as in her passion for making the lives of women visible. Sylvia is the one who ensures the Double Healix team will provide a balanced presentation of male and female leaders in all products, preferably from various cultures. In her work, she continuously makes connections between parenting and team or organizational leadership. In addition, Sylvia guides ‘Source groups’ for executive women in which she uses various forms of (exercise) meditation, visualization and dance-from-within. Manfred and Sylvia have two children, Victor and Rowena.

Victor van Doorn

…is Creative Director of Double Healix Educational Media and trainer. After gymnasium and preliminary training at the film academy, Victor further developed his acting and presenting skills at the Royal Academy of Dramatic Arts in London. Victor gives presentations and workshops within the field of teamwork and leadership, based on many movie clips. As a great movie connoisseur he draws on and utilises knowledge from  thousands of movies and documentaries. He is a visual thinker, making various short fiction films and documentaries, both on his own initiative and as commissioned works by ministries and companies. Victor, in his classes, uses the parallel between leadership in organizations and directing and producing films.

With great passion, Victor specialized in the television series The West Wing. Presently he is working on a book on the educational applications of this inspiring leadership TV show. In 2012, he co-wrote the Dutch book, ’This is the AND the future for beginners’, with Manfred van Doorn, for people who want to learn how to surf the big wave of changes in society AND be wave-maker at the same time.
In addition, Victor leads an international team in his own company,’ Uncover’, a team that incorporates illuminated artworks and logos in Mac-covers, for DJs and other presenters worldwide (see uncover.com). Besides all that, Victor is a passionate climber, martial arts enthusiast and tango teacher.

Isodoor Jonker

Isodoor-nieuww480… is employee at Double Healix and a certified Double Healix trainer.

During his study Media & Culture, he specialized in film and gender, mainly the politicological dismantling of manhood. Whilst on internship, he started teaching training courses  to boys in order to teach them how to cope with the cultural expectations about their manhood, Isodoor discovered that guiding these groups inspired him. Isodoor is currently further developing himself within this field through training courses focused on the relationships between sons and fathers as well as training courses involving leadership and sustainability.

Isodoor specializes in comparing the Double Healix model to other development models, creating a separate study about Theory U, in which he selected many inspiring movie clips to provide insight into the similarities and differences with the Double Healix model. Isodoors focus in all of this research is on helping to design a model for a much more sustainable and fair world. In addition, Isodoor has been active as a drummer since his childhood, the rhythm of rock and samba is in his blood.

 Caroline Wiedenhof

foto-Caroline-Wiedenhof…has extensive experience as leader, career advisor, director and coach. Twenty years ago, she discovered her passion for assisting people, when she was responsible for the selection and training of young diplomats. Soon thereafter, she was appointed head of the career advice department at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs. The career mobility in this ministry is extensive: hundreds of employees are transferred to a new position in The Hague or to an embassy abroad on an annual basis. Caroline was known for her ability to explain the decisions in this complex and radical process and to make them acceptable.
She is able to pay compliments just as sincerely as she criticizes. She contributes ideas, helps with difficult decisions, questions deep-rooted habits and introduces surprising career twists, under the motto “Act as you must act”. She converses in a cheerful and friendly manner if necessary she is a sharp debater but always with great respect for the other. This helped her build a reputation of warm strictness and disarming honesty.
After twenty years, she left Foreign Affairs for her other love: art and culture. From 2009 to 2013 she was general director of the Koorenhuis, Center for the Arts in The Hague. During this period, she also published her Dutch poetry collection Huishoudelijke mededelingen (Household notices).
Late 2012 she started her company Duodecima for leadership training and organizational development. Duodecima supports people and companies in mobility, integrity, collaboration, dialogue and the development of a sustainable vision.
For Double Healix she works as member of the core team and as trainer, writer and consultant. She is a certified Master Double Healix trainer. In cooperation with Manfred van Doorn she wrote the book ‘Loopbaanladders en Wereldbanen’ (Dutch book on sustainable work and careers; 2014) that is released in the Double Healix series.

Lucas Lina

VD12 - foto Lucas Lina… is family man, ICT expert, sports enthusiast, baskbetball coach, CTO of MovieLearning and Double Healix trainer. Mid-90s, he moved from his native island of Curacao to the Netherlands to study Information Engineering in Utrecht. Parallel to his studies, he started his own IT company. In the past 15 years he worked on IT projects for customers at home and abroad. Lucas is a big sports fan, either active or coaching along the line. He plays basketball, regularly dives at beautiful and exciting dive sites or can be found on the golf field. As a coach, he is active in basketball for years now. He is known for his positive attitude and has experienced several successes at the national and international level.
In 2011, Lucas came in contact with Double Healix and its impact on him was enormous. The cyclicality of the model, the paradoxes and the journey of the twelve phases had a greatly inspiring effect on him, as well as the working with and learning from movie fragments. He himself is specialized in images from the sport but he is also always looking for movie fragments that are a good metaphor for life itself. Lucas’ passion for Double Healix has continued in following the Double Healix Annual training and currently he is educated to become a Certified Double Healix trainer. Besides trainer Lucas also works as CTO in Double Healix/MovieLearning.

Khalid Kasem

foto khalid kasem nr 1…originally is a lawyer. He works as consultant and trainer for major companies and organizations. In addition, he has extensive experience as founder, owner and director of both profit and non-profit organizations. He has a serious passion for guiding people in their personal development and for guiding organizations in change processes. His mission is to inspire and support leaders to lead a successful and – above all – meaningful life. In this, he uses his clear business qualities, his integrity and his quick insight into processes, in addition to his energetic, socially involved and supportive personality. He maintains an extensive network, allowing him to connect people in a useful way. Before Khalid gave in to his inner call to inspire people, he was associate at Allen & Overy LLP.
Khalid is founder of Kasem Co Advocaten and co-founder of the Moroccan Dutch Leadership Institute (www.mdli.nl). The ambition of the MDLI is twofold. (i) On the one hand the annual selection of 30 high-potential students and young professionals of various universities for a challenging Leadership Development program and (ii) the realization of a life changing experience for primary school children in disadvantaged neighborhoods. Over the past years, the institute has helped thousands of parents, children and students in their personal development, at places where it is needed most. Within the board of the MDLI, Khalid is responsible for the recruitment, selection and training of the students and Young professionals.
For Double Healix, Khalid is mainly involved in the digital learning environment MovieLearning in the field of leadership and personal coaching in sports. He is a great soccer fan.
Khalid is married to Malika. Together they have two sons: Amine and Sami.

Pepijn Kromhout

Foto Pepijn Kromhout… perceives it as very exciting to work at the interface between creativity and organization. At Double Healix, this varies from being the chairman of the core team meetings and drawing up the financial planning, to producing short films. In his work for the development of MovieLearning, his ICT experience was put to good use. In 2013 he attended the in-depth training of Manfred van Doorn as the first step in his development towards being a Double Healix trainer. He uses his knowledge for projects and organizations that are involved in sustainability and socially responsible entrepreneurship. He is currently active as independent consultant and project leader in a number of very versatile projects at various healthcare organizations. For instance: the establishment of a membership organization. The mindset of areas of tension and cycles, as described in the Double Healix model, proves to be extremely valuable in that. It is the mission of Pepijp to further share these insights within the healthcare industry. With that, he hopes to contribute to learning how to deal with the significant changes  currently happening in the healthcare industry. In addition to all that work, he prefers to read a book a day and is an avid motorcyclist, sometimes just to get to work, sometimes as a big journey.

Peggy Grefkens

Peggy Grefkens foto… is a clinical psychologist and has worked for many years in health care, mostly as a manager. She was also a lecturer in Applied Psychology associated with the University of Amsterdam where she developed curricula and was a bridge-builder between different disciplines and organizations. Peggy has a great passion for guiding people, both individually and in groups. As a trainer and coach she feels strongly connected with the Double Healix model. This overarching framework of human development, enriched with film images and stories, fits right in with her own vision of life. The realization that we as individuals are embedded in a larger whole plays an important role in her work and live. Besides her work as a trainer and coach Peggy is currently working as a care coordinator at Vita Wellness & Advice. The common thread in Peggy’s private and work life is facilitating people to reconcile, connect and overcome differences and also to achieve the deepest desire of their heart, their passion and dreams. She often hears from people that her strength is to listen with her heart and ask questions. This makes her a trainer and coach who knows how to set the right tone to achieve the desired changes. Peggy’s personality is characterized by a down to earth attitude, a warm commitment and loving humor. Leadership, particularly female leadership, passion and meaning are central themes in her work. Both at Double Healix as in her own company Uncovered she works with the concept of the mythical Journey of the Heroine. In this way, Peggy gives form to her own passion to help women stand strong on the way of adventure, motherhood and wisdom. Peggy’s motto is: ‘Don’t ask what the world needs, ask what makes you come alive, and go do it, because what the world needs is people who come alive’ –  Howard Thurman


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