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The best role models for your development

Research has shown that women need a greater diversity of female role models in their careers. Double Healix specialises in finding inspiring film fragments of female leaders. The fragments in the seminars, trainings, and online courses are aimed at supporting women in their professional development.

Female Leadership in the Picture

Learning with role models

All our seminars, trainings, and courses use dozens of inspiring examples of female leadership. We have selected the best film fragments from feature films, documentaries, and the news to ensure that participants are motivated to take the next step in their personal journey.

In-depth analyses

Together with the participants, we investigate what behavioural change is needed to achieve more equality and diversity in society, and what this means for individuals.

All unique

The Double Healix Model for leadership assumes that we all experience a universal journey in a unique way. This way, we recognise ourselves in others and feel that we are not alone. Additionally, at the same time we shape our own passions, talents, and unique contributions to the greater whole. It is a model in which both women and men can find recognition, because both groups are looking for all-round development. In a universal way, we are all looking for our own ‘wholeness’ (hence the word ‘healix’). We are looking for our own path of development and we need to (re)discover that for which there was previously no space or no necessity. The search for ‘wholeness’ applies not only to ourselves, but certainly also to oppressed groups, the often disrespectful treatment of the earth, and to the development of humanity as a whole.


What we offer


Open registration seminar

The seminar addresses the question of how we can support women in, or on their way to, leadership positions. Research has repeatedly shown that women need more female role models. So, we can conclude that – apart from the question whether there is anything like typical female leadership – women benefit from being able to look at the exemplary behaviour of female leaders. It is about leadership in all kinds of forms and positions. Click here for more information.

Online MovieLearning course

Two and a half thousand years of patriarchy have imprinted a one-sidedness in our collective consciousness. If you mention the word ‘leader’, most people still picture a decisive man. In order to rebalance this inequality between men and women, it is necessary to have enough women in leadership positions. This online MovieLearning course contains dozens of examples of female leadership and many exercises, and you can follow them at your own pace.

Incompany offer

We can also visit your organisation to arrange a seminar or training in-company. These can be tailored to your wishes and development needs. You can contact us via e-mail or call 023-544 33 45. We will then make an appointment without obligation.

Open registration seminar
  • Prepare yourself for an exciting journey through the best examples of female leadership
  • Location: Haarlem Price: €325,- excl. VAT
  • Including the new book ‘Is the Lady for Turning’ by Rosemary Dols.
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Incompany offer
  • Incompany offer Seminar, workshop or tailored training
  • Including online MovieLearning course for all participants
  • Including the new book ‘Is the Lady for Turning’ by Rosemary Dols.
  • Price on request
Online MovieLearning course
  • More than 5 hours of video footage
  • Exercises to get started yourself
  • Including workbook
  • Price from €….

Our offer:


Open registration
1 day
Including the book ‘Is The Lady For Turning?’ by Rosemary Dols.
Price: €325,- (ex VAT)

Online course

MovieLearning course
Set your own pace
Including workbook
From € … (incl. VAT) for …. months access

In company package

Incompany training
From day one
Including MovieLearning course and book
Price on request

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