Integrative Development

Double Healix Integrative Development is a training of 12 days for personal development as a person and as a professional. Get to know yourself even better during this training. Learn to use your talents in a stronger and more focused way. Enrich your vision on your life, humankind and the world. Strengthen your contributions to the current societal challenges towards a healthy society. Learn to work from a clear, comprehensive and narrative leadership model. For integral and integrated personal development, as a unique and universal human being. The program starts on 25 September 2020.
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The Double Healix annual training for personal development both privately and profesisonally

How do you take the next step in your development? How do you acquire an all-round personality?
How do you exert more and more influence during your work and make an impact in an inspired and honest way?
Who are you in all your versatility? What do you want to contribute to the world? What does sustainability mean to you?

In the annual programme Integrative Development you will increase your knowledge of personal development and leadership, working together, living together, organizational development and transformation. You use this knowledge to be in control of your life and work with increasing confidence. You will explore ways to join together in creating a more valuable living environment, both for private and professional life.

You learn to recognize the tensions associated with growth and development and to handle them as well as possible. With yourself, in others and in organizations. You investigate how you can bring together apparent contradictions.

As a theoretical framework we use the Double Healix Model of Personal and Professional Development.
This is both a tool to analyze and categorize situations as well as a way to apply conciliatory interventions. The model integrates classical and innovative concepts from different development, leadership and change theories, including practical applications. Both for your own development,
as well as to support the development of others.

In the training we use a rich palette of learning methods. One method that occupies a central place is MovieLearning: learning, practicing and reflecting by means of inspiring and powerful movieclips.


Would you like more information about this training or would you like to sign up? Then please contact Sylvia Mastenbroek. Send her an email via this link or call 023-5443345.

Seminar info

languageTaal: Nederlands
todayDagen: 1
access_timeUren: 09:15-22:00
ecoLunch: Not included

For whom is the training intended?
You are a director, manager, specialist, teacher, psychologist, researcher, consultant, trainer, coach,
manager or other experienced professional (college+ level of thinking) who is ready to develop thourouglly and sometimes and at times confrontingly.

Participants come from various backgrounds, industries and professions but find it self-evident that professional deepening goes hand in hand with personal reflection and the development of a vision on humanity and current social developments. They are motivated to discover more coherence between the personal and the larger themes in organizations and the world around them.

The cross-fertilization between different fields of work is always experienced as very valuable by participants in previous trainings.

Together with you we will gladly investigate whether this course is suitable for you. The intake will be by phone.


Year 2020

Friday 25 September and
Saturday 26 September 2020
Friday 30 October and
Saturday 31 October 2020
Friday November 27th and
Saturday 28 November 2020
Friday 15 January 2021
Saturday 16 January 2021
Friday 5 March 2021
Saturday 6 March 2021
Friday 16 April 2021
Saturday 17th April 2021


A training day starts at 9:30 am and ends around 5 pm. The gate opens at 9:00 in the morning.


Double Healix
Hospeslaan 64
2015 GL Haarlem
T 023-5443345
The location of the intervision meetings is determined by the subgroups themselves.

Year 2021

Friday May 28th and
Saturday 29 May 2021
Friday 25 June and
Saturday 26 June 2021
Friday 17 September and
Saturday 18 September 2021
Friday October 8th and
Saturday 9 October 2021
Friday November 5th and
Saturday 6 November 2021
Friday 10 December 2021 and
Saturday 11 December 2021

The Trainers

The training is provided by Manfred van Doorn and Marcel Karreman (learning manager). Guest trainers are Iris Deuss and Rozemarijn Dols.

Financial investment

Price of the training

The price of the training is € 5900. This amount is VAT-exempt (the training is CRKBO-registered).

The training materials are included in the price, as well as coffee, tea and juice.

Lunches are not included. In the vicinity of our company there are several diners and stores. Of course you can also bring your own food. The training fee must be paid before the period in which you can cancel free of charge has expired. (See also the general terms and conditions at the bottom of this page).

Integrative Development participation

The annual training consists of 12 training days and 5 self-organized intervision meetings

Educational MovieLearning platform

Participants get access to the educational MovieLearning platform. With many film clips. For intervision groups. To share assignments.


The course book ‘Reinventing the wheel’ (Manfred van Doorn).

The E-book ‘This is the And’ (Manfred van Doorn & Victor van Doorn).

Both books are Dutch language, we will talk about options during the intake.

Do you have any questions or would you like to sign up?
Send an email to Sylvia or call 023-544 33 45

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