Defense mechanisms

What are defense mechanisms, and how can you recognize them? Which do you have, and the people around you? What is their use and when do they become counterproductive? How can you let go or replace them? What is the correspondence with concepts such as script, schedule, game and survival strategy? How do you sublimate your own themes? Essential knowledge to improve cooperation and interaction with others
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Which psychological defense mechanisms do people use and how do you deal with them?

During the seminar about defense mechanisms, leadership trainers Rozemarijn Dols and Manfred van Doorn will discuss the twelve groups of defense mechanisms that can be distinguished in the Double Healix model for leadership.

To give the best and most nuanced picture as possible of the different forms of defense mechnisms and the ways in which people can sublimate them, the trainers work with the MovieLearning method.

They use many concrete and inspiring examples from films and documentaries to show you how to recognize defense mechanisms and how to cope with them as good as possible, both with yourself and with others.

For whom

This seminar is intended for managers, team leaders and other supervisors, committed team members, trainers, coaches and organizational advisers who want to learn how to deal with defense mechanisms and resistance better in collaboration with others. This day is also intended for care providers and therapists who want to experience an all-round overview of defense mechanisms based on illustrative film images (MovieLearning).

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We are working on the translation of our MovieLearning course about defense mechanisms. When this is finished you will get three months access to this online course.

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