Strategy and Sustainability


Renewal in repetition
Our strategy as a business, is that we want to enrich the world with insight, deepening of feelings and addressing the will by realizing it within ourselves. Continuously working on and with the model renews us, while the model also continues to deepen and renew itself…

Contagious enthusiasm
We hope that our pleasure and passion have a contagious effect, allowing the model to present itself across the globe. In addition, we are convinced that the best business model is to make as much as possible available for free, allowing us to make money with our high quality training courses and media.

Learning Support
A second business model concerns the development of MovieLearning, an E-learning tool built on the Double Healix model, enriched with interactive questionnaires that are linked to advice and guiding film clips. With MovieLearning we want to support the learning process in individuals and organizations. Please check here for more information on this. Or consult the website


Sustainability is very important to us. The core of the cyclical mindset is learning to live in a sustainable manner, learning to deal with failure and success and finding a mission within the scope of a human life and making this mission serviceable to the world.

We try to abide by this ourselves:

Manfred van Doorn provides weekly lectures on sustainability, advises several cities about making neighbourhoods more sustainable, and has been writing articles and books with visions for a sustainable world.

Sylvia Mastenbroek has been an advocate for wind energy and organic farming since the eighties.

Victor van Doorn founded the City on Water Foundation in 2010, together with a group of young entrepreneurs and an investment of Double Healix. This foundation is committed to the development of hydrogen and other clean energy carriers.

Caroline Wiedenhof was the first female ‘Shadow Prime Minister’ telling the Netherlands by way of video-messages about our vision on sustainability and the steps we have to take.

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