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London, November 9 and 10, 2018.

By International Leadership Trainer Manfred van Doorn

Would you as leader, trainer or consultant, like to gain inspiration, develop vision and improve your people skills? Do you need a solid and comprehensive overview of leadership levels, allowing you to facilitate your development? Would you like to take a step forward with regard to a broader view, mindset and actions? Martin Luther King speechWould you like to explore ideas for sustainability and the upcoming ecology of meaning? Would you like to learn based on inspiring movie footage?

If so, Upcycling Leadership Training is perfect for you!

Manfred van Doorn‘s Upcycling Leadership Training has been attended by thousants of leaders, organizational consultants, trainers etc from over twenty countries.

“Essential matter for all leaders who wish to take themselves seriously. And of course also for leaders who do not…”
– Eric Verwaal, Secretary/Advisor of the Dutch King

Our society is undergoing major changes. The ability to give meaning, self-direction and interactivity are playing an increasingly important role, this means that organizational change and leadership development can no longer be designed top-down, but are increasingly built on a community of stakeholders. How can you shape leadership and organizational development within this context?

The pace and complexity of developments are strongly expanding. Society is focusing more on cyclicality, as well as building on the level of usefulness and meaning of products, services and the process of upcycling, all of which pose new challenges for leaders. The process of upcycling is the core of the Double Healix model, forming the basis of the leadership training. The Double Healix model provides a meta-framework, an overarching concept of man, in which various leadership theories and leadership styles can be identified. Double Healix is a development model in which you can place yourself and others, identify associated growth opportunities, pitfalls, paradoxes and dilemmas per development level.

The training context involves discussion coupled with having participants experience so-called upcycling ladders: transformations of values into increasingly high levels of complexity and empathic embrace, thus enabling participants to experience how they can develop and elevate their own themes, alongside how they can assist their employees in taking their competencies to a higher level of effectiveness and comprehensiveness.

The methodology used in the Double Healix training is strongly focused on the experience, gained through the use of movie footage, inspiring examples of human development highlighting strong leadership, all addressed in a narrative cohesion and subsequently translated into effective exercises to improve the leadership skills of the participants.

“The Double Healix approach of Manfred van Doorn is extremely stimulating and practical, direct and innovative.”
– Wouter Kolk, director New Markets & Specialty Stores Ahold

This introduction to the Double Healix legacy is a 2-day leadership training, in which you’ll be shown a large number of the best, most inspiring leadership scenes from excellent movies and documentaries. An inspiring training in which you’ll playfully learn the main theoretical concepts, practical effects of leadership and vision development.

“Once, imagination seized control, Van Doorn provides powerful images.”
– Douwe Brouwer, HR Expert Organisational Development at ING Bank

The Double Healix training is intended for:
• Managers
• Interim managers
• Organizational Consultants
• Learning Developers
• Organization Development professionals
• HR-managers and directors
• Trainers, coaches and educators
* Scenario and speech writers

“A picture is worth a thousand words. The Double Healix is a very effective, innovative and entertaining way of developing leadership skills, in which you can reflect on your own behavior based on recognizable movie footage. Moreover, the approach of Manfred van Doorn and his colleagues is in line with the change in the Zeitgeist and the way leaders nowadays learn and absorb information.  I can’t think of any method that is more effective than this!”
– Erik van ’t Hof, Member of the Board Pon Holdings

• many inspiring leadership examples allowing you to expand your repertoire,
• insight into levels of leadership and the various associated skills,
• knowledge of and insight into theory and practice of leadership based on a narratively cohesive model and some cross-connections to other leadership models,
• better people skills, increased emotional and spiritual intelligence,
• increased ability to place events in a bigger perspective,
* increased sustainable strategic and visionary mindset,
• insight into creative areas of tension and paradoxes,

“Extremely enthusing. The footage is extremely powerful. The cycle has a great structure. I really enjoyed myself. To me, the combination of the cycles and levels of leadership with the movie footage is extremely powerful and incisive.”
– Aly Cnossen, MD consultant, previously Team Leader HRM Municipality of Almere

Manfred van Doorn provides public access to his – normally private (in-company) leadership training for the seventh year, this time in London for a small group of participants. During two days – in a row – Manfred takes you on a journey along different levels of development and leadership, beginning with the story structure of the mythical ’Journey of the Hero’ which identifies how each phase within this journey continuously manifests itself at higher levels of human development. Insight and experience is gained in:
• how the leadership cycle has a characteristic sequence of phases and changing contexts,
• how our development can be understood across the globe based on a number of narratively cohesive patterns and symbols,
• how we can  look ahead based on this story structure and can find handles for today’s urgent challenges,
• how the vision for the future is hidden in that which we have been carrying around as ‘secret will’ from the very beginning
• how this ‘secret will’ drives leaders and how we can get more in touch with this special force that seems to meet us from the future.

The training is structured in such a way that participants will learn mainly by a means of experience, the principle being that learning is based on fun and inspiration. Movie footage and emotionally charged experiences allow us to learn better than with just theory. The connection to situations in practice will be detailed where necessary and exercises will be provided.

“Manfred showed me an entirely new way of (literally!) visualizing a theory. Because of this, it sticks with you, allowing me to better express it towards others. The meetings were intensive, interesting and inspiring. I really enjoyed myself.”
– Esther Schrier, Clerk of the Municipality of Nederweert

We are living in an era of important transitions; the weakened United States and an aging Europe forced to share their power and wealth with relative newcomers i.e. Brazil and resurrected countries such as China, India and Russia, a dramatic transition from unrestrained growth and consumption into an era of sustainable development and sense of meaning, global connections with local challenges. Our managers and leaders in Europe are mainly thinking about the current challenges they are facing: cut-backs, targets, firing people, lack of strategic or political choices, at times having to demolish the very things they literally developed themselves, others rebuilding what was just demolished. The pressure is high, the emotional experience intense. More than ever, we need to be able to see these challenges in the context of the’ bigger picture’ as well as having a vision for the future.
Upcycling Leadership provides both handles for personal transformation and mobility alongside  a method to develop a cohesive vision for the coming decades. The training helps in reinforcing the practical approach of the current challenges and in placing them in a context of positive ideals and visions for the future.

Tekening cirkel-met-12-fasen-EN
The image on the right contains the diagram on which the Double Healix model is based, an exploration of The Hero(in)’s Journey by Joseph Campbell. It describes the preparation, the call, the resistance against change, finding a mentor and preparations for the selection threshold. Following the star phase, the hero goes through a process of grounding, after which the second half of the journey begins, that, via setbacks, treason and further trials, leads to the ultimate sacrifice: the resurrection. Eventually, the hero or the leader develops a healing force with which he/she enriches society. We apply this circle to the various levels of human development and leadership.

The training days are characterized by a wealth of footage from movies and documentaries. The aim of which is to have participants experience how the big human story contains all the ingredients we need to understand leadership at various levels of leadership development. Manfred’s teaching method is both lighthearted and deep. Manfred has mastered the art of guiding the dialog with the participants in an agile and playful manner, giving everyone a sense of room without the risk of stagnation. The training will involve an exploration of the main areas of tension in personal development, relationships, teams and organizations. These areas of tension harness a great creative power. First, they will be addressed in general, subsequently at an increasingly high level of complexity. This way, participants will be enabled to experience and understand how human themes and areas of tension keep returning at a higher level, via upcycling. Manfred will be assisted by his son Victor van Doorn, with whom he wrote the book This is the AND, about the practice of inclusiveness and the use of paradoxes (in Dutch).


London (place will be selected soon)

2018 November 9 and 10 (Friday and Saturday)

9.30 AM – 5.30 PM

• Early Bird: 590 GBP exclusive of VAT per person on registration and payment prior to September 9, 2018.
• After September 9, 2018: 690 GBP exclusive of VAT per person
Coffee and tea are included. Lunch, dinner and overnight stays are not included in the price.

You can sign up at Sylvia Mastenbroek:
We will immediately inform you of whether there are open slots and we will e-mail you a registration form.

Should circumstances arise due to which you are unable to attend the training, your slot is transferable (single days are not transferable). If so, please submit the personal information of the person who is replacing you in a timely manner. Cancellation with reimbursement of the participation fee (minus £ 50 cancellation fee) is possible until September 9, 2018. After September 9, 2018, reimbursement is no longer possible: after this date, the full participation fee is due. Cancellations should be submitted to Sylvia Mastenbroek by email or telephone +31 23 5443345. The cancellation shall only take effect once you have received our confirmation of cancellation.


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