In this video Executive Board Member of the multinational PON Holdings, Erik van ‘t Hof, tells about his experience with our interactive E-learning environment MovieLearning:


MovieLearning is a unique interactive learning environment that utilizes inspiring movie clips and stories to enable people to take a step-by-step journey through the various phases and levels of the Double Healix Model, i.e.  personal leadership, team cooperation, complex leadership development and the cultural shift to sustainability.

MovieLearning is an innovative, narrative and visual training method, with the aim of enhancing the social and visionary skills of people. Our methodology draws on our extensive database of film clips, exercises and questionnaires to specifically identify and meet the needs of our varying, target audience, for example; government, business, healthcare, education, parenting and sports.

MovieLearning is community-based, allowing for the option to connect with fellow travel companions, people who have previously gone through an experience or who may be facing the same challenge. Participants can upload their own choice of inspiring film clips as illustrations of the values and practices they perceive to be of importance to their company and community.

MovieLearning can be used as a learning tool independently, however, mostly as part of a blended learning process. The MovieLearning environment is extremely beneficial in supporting training courses, intercollegiate consultations, coaching and action learning. Further, we also can develop video clips of work situations and/or interactions placing them within the MovieLearning environment (in open, or closed groups) to be viewed and discussed. Participants can also upload their own ‘best practices’.

The MovieLearning process can be approached in a light-hearted way, testing your knowledge and skills or indeed have them tested, by placing film scenes in the right category within a theoretical model or by answering questions that are placed in the timeline of a scene. You have the opportunity to test your knowledge of leadership styles and human development.

Why not surprise your colleagues with a personal video gift – a scene given as a present to support their learning process? Participants with constructive contributions to the learning community can earn themselves playful rewards, in this way MovieLearning will increasingly take the form of Serious Gaming.

For more information download here the brochure on MovieLearning.

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