Lectures and Trainings

We prefer to give lectures, workshops and training courses based on movie clips. Double Healix has the largest individual movie archive in the Netherlands: over 20 thousand movies and documentaries and tens of thousands of instructive clips about personality development, leadership and education. Since we know by experience what deep effect the footage has on the viewers, we choose to show mainly positive and inspiring scenes. With a team of 10 people, we are continuously looking for such clips. If you have a tip for us, please, be our guest!

Why lectures and trainings with movie fragments?

According to scientific studies, the verbal content of a message is able to convey less than a quarter of the information of human communication. If you want to truly affect someone or if you want to know what is truly being communicated, it is wise to pay more attention to image and tone. Film provides the full communication, images and language. Scenes can be studied since you can rewind the shown reality and view it again. Visual communication has much more impact than the written word. A well-picked three-minute movie clip often illustrates an issue much better than three thick books.

We often see that, ten years later, people are still able to describe the clips during a movie lecture that impressed them most and inspired them to look differently at experiences. Another example of the use of actual movie clips is that the behaviour depicted in them, can be adopted immediately. Many people we have trained with movie clips, tell us that at crucial moments, they remembered an inspiring movie scene and used the behaviour depicted in it as a model for their own intervention. Moreover, our presentation methods with movie clips stimulate metaphoric thoughts in people. The reason for this is that we pick our clips in such a varied manner, they sometimes show direct forms of leadership and sometimes by way of a metaphor. Footage from education, sports, the army or mythology, need to be translated into practical matter. After all, such clips indirectly illustrate aspects of leadership, because they put comparable issues in other environments.

The advantages of learning to observe in metaphors are countless. Firstly, it encourages us to step beyond our customary boundaries and to discover new possibilities, for instance by empathizing with unprecedented other lives and worlds. Secondly, we train our emotional intelligence because we start to recognize patterns in various situations. Thirdly, it helps us contribute inspiring stories from other areas of life, to explain something to our employees. The power of a good story is unsurpassed in instructing and motivating people.


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