As well as training current and future leaders, we also instruct trainers. In addition to offering advice, we are actively involved in the establishment of cooperative organizations and in making communities sustainable. We make use of existing films alongside our own films and documentaries. While we usually give in-company lectures and training, we also organize open-entry lectures and training programs. Moreover, we combine personal training and coaching with new media and MovieLearning.

Our name Leadership Education And Development (LEAD) carries our belief that in the teaching of leadership, it is experience that ultimately shapes a great leader.

For that reason we don’t stop at giving lectures on the many facets of leading people, we also guide leaders and teams through longer and more complex development projects. We enliven our workshops, lectures and trainings with a rich selection of film scenes and a high level of interactivity with our audiences. Whether that audience is the board of directors of a large multinational, a management team of government officials or a group of students, we strive to have them leave a Double Healix event feeling inspired. Personal development is paramount.

We use inspiring images from cinema, documentaries and daily news. As media analysts, we keep track of the latest developments and collect both recent as well as classic images.

Interactivity and infotainment
In all of our activities, we strive for interaction with the audience. Actually, we like to let the audience do much of the talking, not out of laziness (we love to talk) but because we believe a good teacher merely stimulates what’s within people already. We instruct, we provoke and we engage, that’s our job. Of course we provide as much useful information as possible, but we find it is at least as important to challenge our participants, to perceive and gather views and tailor a discussion to the moment’s needs.
To be able to offer an ideal learning experience, we strive for an inspiring balance between seriousness and fun, between informing and entertaining.

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