Below, you find several references of satisfied customers about their experiences with the Double Healix model and our way of training leaders.

A picture is worth a thousand words. The Double Healix is an extremely effective, innovative and entertaining way to develop leadership qualities, in which you can reflect on your own behaviour based on familiar movie clips. In addition the approach of Manfred van Doorn and his colleagues is in line with the changing zeitgeist and the way leaders nowadays learn and absorb information. I don’t know any method that is more effective!
Erik van ’t Hof, Executive Board Member Pon Holdings, formerly Senior Vice President General Merchandise Ahold

Many of the movie clips selected by Manfred van Doorn have something of sustainability in them. They force the soul to pick a side, form the will and prefilter a decision. Something that changes the coincidence of encounters and coincidences of emotions into a necessity. A touch of eternity. Just a touch, but still!
For me as  someone with a strong desire to truly understand what is happening, this is indispensable. Understanding in a way that never eludes you. That the next impression doesn’t erase the previous one to prevent the memory from overheating. They help me convert the fleeting impressions of events into at least the illusion of something I understand.
Jacques Mulders, Human Talent Consultant, SZW, Bureau Mulders, formerly Director of Innovation, Development and Training, Public Service Office, Ministry of Internal Affairs and Kingdom Relations

Double Healix – DNA for Leadership is a fascinating model. It provides insight into processes and clarifies the cohesion and paradoxes of the things that happen around us. The strength of Manfred van Doorn is that he is able to effortlessly explain the added value of the model to professionals by using movie clips. In a matter of minutes, he has painted a picture and the participants recognize the situation. It makes the Double Healix a useful and inspiring tool for Management Development.
Aky Vente-Wagner, Corporate Talent Manager at SHV Holdings NV

I think I could fill the entire website with a testimonial of what I think is fantastic about Manfred’s work and method! Something tells me that you may require a more concise text… The movie language of Manfred van Doorn appeals to your emotions. The Double Healix model doesn’t make you think more logical; on the contrary, you’ll discover that the tough road of a leader requires other qualities. The fact that this is true is demonstrated by the fact that managers work with their heads, and leaders, eventually, mainly with their hearts.
Eric Verwaal, Secretary to the Dutch King, formerly Secretary of the Queen, Consul General Shanghai

The way Manfred presents is wise, loving and modest, as a warm extended hand. The cycle is a strong combination of theories, movie clips, Manfred’s interesting introductions thereof and beautiful paradoxes. Well-designed handouts. To me, knowledge of the Double Healix model means recognition in all events and experiences, allowing me to be a better leader.
Ellen Soeters, Transition Manager RIVM, Facility Manager of the Year

The abundance of images of leaders and the thoroughly developed Double Healix model, provide perfect insight into the demanding complexity of contemporary leadership. Manfred van Doorn is able to provide insight into this complexity and make it practical by linking the psychological patterns and paradoxes associated with development to personal leadership and management/governmental issues. Several characteristics of his style: passionate depth, flawless precision in his selection of footage, patient but yet stimulating interaction with participants, accurate in his interpretation of personal reflections on images. In summary: we use him and his model wherever we can in the design of our Management Development projects.
Leo Steverink, CEO International Management Education Consultancy

As candidate of the ABD programme, I was able to experience in person how weathered developed and effective the method of Manfred van Doorn is. He opens doors in the mind, he moves and he encourages reflection on leadership at all levels. But he mainly has people experience that their journey is part of a bigger whole. There is no better encouragement for learning.”
Ellen van Doorne, Project leader Work and Income Municipality of Amsterdam, formerly Strategy Advisor, Ministry of General Affairs

A training with the Double Healix by Manfred van Doorn is stimulating and practical, direct and innovative. It is the picture with small details, with sharp observations, humour and, of course, a wealth of visuals!
Wouter Kolk, Executive Vice-President AHOLD, formerly CEO WE Fashion and CEO Etos

An extremely rich model that is clearly under development as well (as everything is), unbelievably inspiring explanations and visualizations. For me, the Double Healix model enriches and empowers the ability to hold the space. The model provides insight into phases and pitfalls and lets everything be. Brief and concise: thank you for a fantastic series, all ten!
Marjolijn Tijsmans, Project manager

A breakthrough in my quest for three diMANsionality!
Kef van Helbergen, Head of Executive Development, Staffing, Succession at METRO AG, formerly CEO Ahold Poland

I enjoyed the freedom of thinking that resounds in all, all observations and comments of Manfred. I enjoyed the versatility in his language when he is on a roll in a story. The flexibility in dealing with life experiences. In one breath, he uses concepts from various languages, cultures and paradigms. I find the entire concept of the Double Healix and the images of those leaders in it fantastic.
Diana Braat, Psychologist, Trainer & Process supervisor

Once, imagination rose to power, Manfred van Doorn brings powerful images.
Douwe Brouwer, HR Expert and Program manager Peopledevelopment ING Nederland

An inspiring cycle that offers various points of view with regard to leadership. Amazing how all levels are interlinked: personal development, economy, ecology, relationship development and levels of leadership. Inspiring through statements that truly touch you, due to the power of repetition and the function of telling stories. Genius, provides a lot of information. I greatly appreciate it.
Geja van Gunst, Manager Youth Care Services

Wonderful to be handed so much knowledge, research and handles in such a visual way. The striking footage makes a big impression, which you take with you, all the way to your workplace. Just like the mirror often used to reflect on yourself.
Hans Janssen, member of the Board of Directors the Dutch Judiciary Amsterdam, formerly deputy Inspector General for the Healthcare Inspection

There are several ways to tell a story. A story – when properly structured – can deeply touch the viewer or listener. And the same story – improperly structured – can leave people utterly indifferent. The Double Healix model makes clear how this process works. It helps me, as a director, to much better assess a script and use it to my advantage, and in the end, the advantage of the viewer.
Robin Pera, trainer, actor, script writer, director of TV shows

The importance of the work of Manfred van Doorn is that everyone is the hero in their own story. That you are not always responsible for things that happen around you, but you are responsible for how you deal with them. The Double Healix model provides insight into the bigger connection. For film makers, it explicitly states what they implicitly incorporate into their visual story: the development and the journey of the hero, approached from psychology, the semiotics of film and symbolism of the footage.
Cuun Haffmans, production teacher, Dutch Film en Television Academy

ING – Several quotes from Evaluation Change sessions with Manfred van Doorn
– Manfred is extremely good at obtaining and managing interaction with his audience, in an extremely pleasant way. Without being forceful, and by posing rather daring questions or theses from time to time, he is able to constantly keep the audience alert, and he continues to fascinate.
– Very inspiring, makes you think about yourself, your position, for me it increased the effect of your added value as a consultant.
– He understood the group. He stimulated the audience at exactly the right times.
– Very enthusiastic speaker, pity that I had to miss the first half.
– Pleasant speaker and inspiring
– Inspiring
– The speaker was passionate, funny and able to tell with conviction.
– Brilliant speaker. He radiates passion.
– I would like to plead in favour (and I never did this before) of having this speaker back in one or two years. By then, he probably has plenty of other impressive footage to have us fascinated and learn for another interesting 4 hours. And as they do after a successful pop concert, I would like to conclude with the wish and the yell: “WE WANT MORE! WE WANT MORE!’

Extremely interesting, both substantively and in terms of presentation. The movie clips did a lot. The fact that it concerns a series helps, being immersed time after time, being there. Also very effective are the hand-outs with summaries! I became aware of where I stand as a young person in my twenties, of what is important. The lectures didn’t just put me to work in a rational manner, they touched my entire being/soul. I was extremely impressed and I have the feeling this will have an effect on me for many years to come. Thank you!
Ronja Smit, Organizational Anthropologist TNO, Vrije Universiteit

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