About us

Double Healix is an organisation that provides training and advice on leadership development, sustainability, and parenting. Double Healix also offers a broad approach to human development. Twenty years ago, the organisation began as a small family business. Since then, it has become a large network organisation consisting of trainers, commercial businesses, sponsors, and national and international governments.

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Double Healix is an idealistic organisation. This means that we conduct our commercial activities in service of our non-profit work in education, healthcare, parenting, and sustainable development. We can make this a reality through our close collaboration with the MovieLearning Foundation.

Double Healix is specialised in executing live and online training through the use of film clips. Throughout the years, we have collected and categorised thousands of scenes from movies, television series, and documentaries. In this way, we can work with well-fitting examples that each exemplify a particular principle of human development, leadership, and other topics. With our MovieLearning lectures, we support professionals, teams, and organisations to take another step in their development.

Who are we?

Meet the people behind the organisation, and those who provide the Double Healix training.

Mission and Vision

We strive for a society where inner development, giving meaning and contributing to the bigger picture are among the highest values.

MovieLearning Foundation

The MovieLearning Foundation aims to promote an Ecology of Meaning. We do this through an interactive learning environment based on film images and stories. In this way, the MovieLearning Foundation promotes inclusivity in thinking and acting, empathetic scope, and sustainability.

The proceeds from the use of MovieLearning by financially well endowed organizations are used by the MovieLearning Foundation in order to work on themes and for clients for which little money is usually available, such as upbringing, education and sustainability.

The MovieLearning Foundation works closely with the Double Healix organization which, in addition to the construction of the online learning environment, also provides live training. For more information, see: www.movielearning.com


Customers and references

We always ask our customers to share their experience with us and help us improve constantly. Here you can read what our customers say about us and what impact Double Healix has had on them, their team, or their organisation.

Would you like to know more about our online courses?

Such as our new course on Female Leadership? Go to MovieLearning and discover more!