Sabine den Hartog:

Sabine den Hartog Sabine began her career as Work & Organisation specialist at KLM Arbo Services. Having graduated in the area of psychology, in the first few years of her career she followed the postdoctoral study path to become Work & Organisation specialist, which she completed cum laude. After a number of years working for Accenture, she started work at ABN Amro. In every one of these functions, she was concerned with the human side of (large scale) projects, such as IT implementations, guiding reorganisations, realising strategic change trajectories, and leadership development. In 2008, Sabine was associated with the cultural integration of ABN Amro bank with Fortis. She has worked on the corporate project for the design of new values and leadership programs, and was also responsible for the cultural integration of the Retail banks in the Netherlands.

Since 2009, she has been working independently and in collaboration on things she is passionate about: guiding organisations or branches through a change, with a focus on human behaviour, collaboration, leadership, culture, and group dynamics. Since 2019, she has been working with Double Healix. She is certified in Theory U, Holacracy, Barrett Cultural Transformation Tool, Spiral Dynamics, and the Double Healix Leadership Model. Sabine combines her natural wisdom and feel for social interaction with a lot of knowledge and experience in business. She is able to have a keen eye and advise and clarify in a tactful manner.