Rozemarijn Dols:

Rozemarijn studied Social and Work and Organisation Psychology. In the years following her studies, she continued her education, taking courses such as ‘dealing with disfunctional and irrational processes in organisations’, psychoanalytical conversation techniques, and the training to become a Certified Double Healix trainer.

She focuses on personal, team and leadership development at the full scale. Before she settled as an independent psychologist, Rozemarijn worked for ATP Consultancy for seven years, as board member and senior advisor, where she was responsible for the development activities.

With around 25 years of consulting experience in both profit and non-profit spaces, and 10 years of management experience, Rozemarijn has the advantage of a great amount of knowledge and experience with regards to development of coworkers and leaders.

When conducting (management) coaching, she builds on a person’s strength. She uses different well-known development models from different perspectives and methodologies: analytical psychology, system-theoretical perspective, provocative coaching, Double Healix Model, and working with film fragments to allow the material to stick.

Rozemarijn is the author of various books, including ‘Is the Lady for Turning? Female Leadership in the Picture’, and, together with Manfred van Doorn, ‘Lead your Team Yourself – Team Phases, Team Roles, Team Leadership’.