Michiel van Hattem:

Michiel studied at the KMA in Breda, Business at the Erasmus University in Rotterdam, and received his MBA at the TSM Business School. Previously, he worked at the Dutch Ministry of Defence, the municipality of Roosendaal, the Dutch Police Academy, ROC West-Brabant, and the Dutch National Foundation for Peace, Freedom and Veteran Care. In 2019, he started working at Double Healix as an interim director, and from the 1st of September, 2019, as director at the MovieLearning Foundation. Michiel is an experienced director and change manager. He has led reorganisations at the Dutch Police (realisation Staf Korpsleiding and reorganisation of the Police Academy) and at ROC West-Brabant. With his experience as a teacher and trainer, he knows very well how to convey a message and achieve results. In his approach to change, he combines scientific studies with his talent for visual thinking. Using cartoons, theater, serious gaming, and film scenes, he provides a fresh new perspective and involvement.

Besides his extensive experience in government, he also gained valuable experience as director of the vfonds in fundraising and societal impact. Now, it is Double Healix and MovieLearning’s impact that is inspiring him to contribute to this organisation and her development. As an ex-officer and veteran, he knows the power of stories like no other. They still make a deep impression on him. In his years at the Police Academy, he saw from close up how social change can affect people at a personal level, but also how people can influence social change. With such a thrilling start as a person and soldier, he wants to focus his entire career on directional growth. Since 2010, he has gradually become interested in storytelling and narrative psychology, via his MBA degree and as a trainee at Double Healix. The way in which he contributed changed – from teaching to leading to investing through subsidies – but the direction remained the same.

Double Healix has a mission to become a global movement that helps people live together in a more sustainable and peaceful way. That development fits Michiel’s story. While working at ROC West-Brabant, he noticed that a productive challenge could be to teach 25.000 youths a trade and citizenship. At the vfonds, he discovered that it takes a lot of commitment to receive societal appreciation and recognition for peace, freedom, and veterans. The ‘Double’ in Double Healix and the visual aspect of MovieLearning, Michiel says, connect the history of this organisation to his future. With a strong growth in terms of revenue and funds, the MovieLearning Foundation supports the Double Healix movement, a financially blooming Double Healix academy, and most of all, an online provider of courses and learning environments. Michiel is married and a father of four children.