Marcel Karreman:

Marcel is a senior trainer in change trajectories and leadership programs in the Netherlands and internationally. He guides teams in their search for optimal results and playful collaboration, and coaches leaders and co-workers that stagnate in their work. To increase resolving potential and involvement, he uses film fragments, creative thinking techniques, and storytelling. He was leader and actor in an improvisation group for ten years, is a director, and has been teaching courses in active and creative work tactics for trainers for many years. He wrote a book about this, called Warming Ups & Energisers.

Recent jobs for Double Healix: design, management, and execution of big training trajectories and single trainings for leaders, professionals, and talents that operate in a fast-changing environment; coaching teams, leaders, and professionals during reorganisation change; facilitating large group assemblies during change processes. At Double Healix, Marcel also has the function of project manager and blended learning trainer for large MovieLearning projects.