Mission and vision

Every lifetime is a rich story with both unique characteristics and universal patterns. Double Healix would like to contribute to bringing each life story to full bloom. With her versatile development model, she wants to help make the amount of depth and value that is in each and every experience, tangible. This attentiveness to the unique combination of universal characteristics makes it possible to create a bridge between the individual (unique) and humanity as a whole (universal).

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Double Healix encourages people to – from their own unique combination of universal characteristics – contribute to the greater society. By linking the unique and the universal, Double Healix helps shape a more sustainable and peaceful way of living. Because if people feel respected in their uniqueness, and at the same time see how much they have in common with each other, we can expect that there will be fewer occurrences of destructive conflicts in the world.

Double Healix strives towards a society in which inner development, meaning, and contributing to the greater whole belong to the highest possible values. Double Healix wants to contribute to what she calls an ‘ecology of meaning’. This is a society in which we satisfy our needs in such a way, that we will not endanger the development possibilities of other and/or future life forms. An important factor in this is the possibility of experiencing satisfaction with what is within reach, and that which is in service of the greater whole. Double Healix works off the assumption that if we discover that less can be more (less material waste, more sharing, and experiencing more depth and meaning), there is the possibility of great wealth. This means that we learn to enjoy what we have, without burdening future generations. That we learn to enjoy daily activities, but also to honour craftsmanship and love of work.


Our team

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