Leadership & personal development

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Live Training

Leadership requires all-round personality development. It is about increasing your knowledge of yourself, your emotional intelligence, and your willingness to improve. Double Healix helps you to become the best version of yourself using appropriate examples from films. You learn to handle tension fields, to reconcile conflicts, and to see and communicate the bigger story. On this page, you will find an overview of our trainings for managers and leaders. Our trainings can be followed via open registration or in-company applications. We also have extensive experience in designing and executing long-term Management Development programs, and we are open and adaptive to your individual needs.

Afweervormen in organisaties

Wat zijn afweermechanismen eigenlijk, en hoe kun je ze herkennen? Bij jezelf maar ook bij anderen. Waar helpen ze bij en wanneer worden ze contraproductief? Hoe kun je ze loslaten of vervangen? Wat is de overeenkomst met concepten als script, schema, spel en overlevingsstrategie? Hoe sublimeer je je eigen thematiek? Onontbeerlijke kennis om samenwerking en omgang met anderen te verbeteren.


Influence, power, and leadership

During this in-company training, Manfred van Doorn introduces you to the two most important ways to exercise influence: Engaging and Dictating. He will illustrate his story with beautiful film fragments about balance artists, who know when they can combine both ways optimally.


Ladies in the lead

Research has shown that people have a desire for more female role models and sparring partners. In the live In-company Seminar and the Online MovieLearning Learning Path, we offer many inspiring examples of female leadership. We do this using the 12 Phases of leadership development as described in the Double Healix Model.

Live-Seminar en Online-Leergang

Effectiever samenwerken in teams

Hoe creëer je een hecht team? Hoe verbeter je de samenwerking? En welke soorten leiderschap horen hierbij? In dit seminar wordt het geïllustreerd aan de hand van bijzondere, meeslepende en soms hilarische fragmenten uit films en documentaires.


Man walking to stairs.
Double Healix in a Day

Get to know the most important aspects of the Double Healix model for leadership. This is an engaging voyage across the universal story that we as humans all live in our own specific way, growing towards higher levels of complexity and understanding. During this training you can find the right motives to use as a source for personal, professional and societal change.


DNA of Sustainability

Manfred van Doorn travels through the country to give lectures on sustainability. Contact us if you would like to organise one, or if you would like to be kept updated on the program.


Upcycling of Leadership

Do you need a solid and comprehensive overview of leadership levelsin order to facilitate development, with others and with yourself? Do you want to further develop your competencies to bring together seemingly contradictory worlds? Upcycling of Leadership is a six-day deep-dive leadership training.


Double Healix Spiraal
Integrative Development TEST

Double Healix Integrative Development is een opleiding van 12 trainingsdagen voor persoonlijke ontwikkeling als mens en professional. Leer jezelf in deze jaaropleiding beter kennen. Verrijk je visie op de mens en op belangrijke maatschappelijke ontwikkelingen. Maak het vanzelfsprekend dat je integraal samenwerkt en samenleeft, als uniek én universeel mens.


In-company training

Double Healix offers in-company training for small and large groups. These are fully customized programs in which people learn more than just skills. Personal attitude and intrinsic motivation increasingly play an important role in the complexity of our contemporary society. More and more often, it is about who you are, and the story you bring. Our experts always work interactively with the participants in our customized programs. On the basis of a carefully selected set of film clips, we enter into a dialogue with them and design exercises. In consultation and co-creation with you as the client, we design the whole process. Our presentations can range in length from one and a half hours to multi-day training. The Management Development programs that we help to set up and execute can take six months or several years.

MovieLearning courses

These are the online courses that we offer on our video learning platform.