The Model

The Double Healix model for human development and leadership was developed by Manfred van Doorn, with the aim of contributing to the further enrichment of inner life and social life. We are convinced that, together, we are moving towards an ecology of meaning in which caring for the soul, for each other, and for our living environment is our main focus.

The Double Healix model is based on Joseph Campbell’s monomyth, The Hero’s Journey. The twelve phases of The Hero’s Journey can be regarded as referring to our lives as a whole, but also to smaller cycles in our personality development. These cycles are passed through repeatedly and, one hopes, at an increasingly higher level of awareness, responsibility, and compassion. The journey represents a helix moving upwards towards wholeness (helix + healing = healix).

  • 7 + 1 Levels The Double Healix Model describes cycles of development that keep returning throughout our lives. The cycle can be seen in the phases of one day, sometimes even in an hour. We also go through cycles of many years. If we are lucky, all these cycles bring us maturation and a wider empathic embrace. We round our ... Read more

  • 12 + 1 Phases On each level we describe a journey of twelve phases. We say 12 + 1 phases because the prologue at the beginning of the journey is often mirrored in the epilogue. Prologue and Epilogue thus are almost the same phases. Another reason for 12 + 1 is the binding centre being a separate force, of ... Read more

  • 6 + 1 Paradoxes The twelve phases facing each other in the circle make up six polarities. Just like the Phases and Levels we speak of ‘plus one’, since there is another polarity on a different level; this is the way in which we observe the circle itself. * Observing it in time (like the seasons) has a sequential approach; each step ... Read more

  • Crosses The model has a cycle of twelve phases, comparable to the months of a year. Within the cycle, three choices can be distinguished: the Preparation Cross (also referred to as the Mentor Cross), the Power Cross (also referred to as the Threshold Cross) and the Substance Cross (also referred to as the Substantial Change Cross). THE ... Read more

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