Sustainability through inner wealth

Double Healix aims to help develop an ‘ecology of meaning’. Our medium is the Double Healix Model, which, as a map of human development, shows what wealth is available. By unlocking this infinite wealth of experience, meaning, and contribution, we hope to help people become more liberated from material and mental addictions. In fact, all levels of the Double Healix Model contribute to a sustainable society. After all, raising children in a meaningful way invests in a sustainable future, resolving conflicts and working together in a healthy way. Nevertheless, the Double Healix Model has a global level that is specifically concerned with a sustainable society. Of course, we always integrate the theme of sustainability into our leadership training. However, we also give separate lectures and training courses about it.

Poster DNA of Sustainability (Dutch)

Double Healix has developed a poster that clearly shows which changes are going on and which ones are still needed to be able to make the transition to a sustainable society.

Theatre College Sustainability

In cooperation with the foundation for property Management and Anthroposophy magazine Double Healix offers lectures on a sustainable organisation of society. The lectures are given by Manfred van Doorn or other Double Healix trainers. The lecture deals with the six most important gaps that need to be bridged in the coming years.

MovieLearning course

Both the poster and the lectures deal with the gaps that need to be bridged in order to achieve a future-proof society. In addition, we are developing an online MovieLearning course that contains the information and film fragments that will be discussed in the theatre lecture. With many more film fragments that can inspire us to shape the future in a sustainable way.


What we have to offer


Manfred van Doorn and other trainers travel around the country to give sustainability lectures. Please contact us if you want to organize one or if you want to stay informed about the program.

Poster DNA of Sustainability (Dutch)

Double Healix has developed a poster that clearly shows what changes are going on and what are still needed to make the transition to a sustainable society.


We offer in-company training and coaching programmes for companies that want to increase sustainability. These can easily be combined with Double Healix leadership programs.

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Such as our new course on Female Leadership? Go to MovieLearning and discover more!