DNA of Leadership

The Double Healix builds on the work of Joseph Campbell, in particular the phases he distinguishes in the Journey of the Hero (see: ‘The Hero with a Thousand Faces’) and his ideas about levels of awareness (see: ‘Man, Myth and Metaphor’ and ‘The Inner Reaches of Outer Space’). The Double Healix model fits in line with the development that is taking place from related movements such as Spiral Dynamics, Integral Psychology and Theory U.

The model is intended to provide a narrative overview of the human development. It describes the cycle of emergence, flowering, decline and resurrection. It means that DNA for Leadership has the meaning of Dynamic New Archetypes. We want to make people perceive how powerful archetypes are and how they are continuously renewed. The Bigger Picture from which we draw, does not just come from our past and the present, it also comes from the future.

The Double Healix model has a mythical cycle: The Journey of the Hero(ine). This cycle is applied at various levels of human development. This way, it is possible to recognize the cycle in the course of a day, the seasons of a year, but also in the larger cycles of economic and cultural development. This is so important to use, because, as modern mankind, we must switch from a linear growth model to a cyclic development model.

The name was chosen to emphasize a number of values. The Double Healix and the term DNA refer to the genetic code that forms the basis of all life, it is a universal structure with endless variations. Just as the universal narrative structure has endless variations, it’s the universal nature of the unique.

It goes deeper. The spiral shape refers to the possibility to lift the repeating cycles to a higher level, to turn a circle into a spiral and to continuously display more refined and more sustainable leadership. This process of upcycling is the core of the Double Healix model. It means that leadership is primarily about directing our own mindset, emotions and actions. In that definition, anyone of us can develop leadership, what’s more, it is inevitable if we want to take the next step in development together, as a global society.

The term ‘double’ in Double Healix refers to our concept of Mutual Arising Principles and Creative Tension Fields, nothing happens in a vacuum, every event invokes its counterpart, in fact they emerge simultaneously. We perform all of our actions in relationship to others, to our environment. Moreover, what we want to emphasize with the ‘double’ is that every person plays a part in several stories simultaneously, ‘double’ could also have been called, ’multiple’.

In our case, the abbreviation DNA means Dynamic New Archetypes, with which we want to refer to the paradox that the archetypes we work with, are in a dynamic relationship to each other and are continuously being renewed.

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