The model has a cycle of twelve phases, comparable to the months of a year. Within the cycle, three choices can be distinguished: the Preparation Cross (also referred to as the Mentor Cross), the Power Cross (also referred to as the Threshold Cross) and the Substance Cross (also referred to as the Substantial Change Cross).

THE POWER CROSS (Threshold Cross)

The most central cross in the Double Healix model is the Power Cross. The four phases of the Power Cross each mark a threshold transition, similarly to how four important changes in season are distinguished. These thresholds are:


Tekening machtskruis-EN-voor websitephase 2. Call to Adventure: the story is beginning to take shape

phase 5. Selection Threshold: the first major change is perpetuated

phase 8. Reversal of Fortune: the major setback is experienced

phase 11. Resurrection: the biggest transformation takes place


Here below you’ll find a visual explanation of the power cross by Manfred van Doorn:

Each of the threshold transitions is prepared in an earlier phase, in which often an introduction of a mentor takes place (Preparation Cross). After each threshold transition, phases emerge in which the benefits of the relevant threshold transition are reaped (Substance Cross). That way, the circle has four instances of three phases with a logical sequence: Preparation Cross – Power Cross – Substance Cross:


In many cases, the preparatory phases are characterized by the introduction of a Mentor. This can be a person or an animal, but also an object, like a mirror in which we see ourselves and suddenly see more than we did before. These preparation phases are:

Tekening Voorbereidingskruis-EN-voor websitephase 1. Prologue: subconscious, intuitive, dreamlike preparation for the adventure

phase 4. Mentor: learning skills, broadening the possibilities

phase 7. Grounding: Conscious preparation for difficult times, making commitments, learning how to plan

phase 10. Return to the Light: become aware of the ideals once again, often in the form of a return of the mentor from phase 4.


THE SUBSTANCE CROSS (Substantial Change Cross)

The Substance cross is formed by the phases in which the benefits of the threshold transitions are reaped (see Power Cross):
Tekening Substantiekruis-EN-voor website
phase 3. Resistance: now that the adventure is fueled, first, (will) power must be accumulated and energy must be mobilized to actually be able to take on the adventure.

phase 6. Star of the Day: past the Selection Threshold, enjoying the success and the low-hanging fruit; but the adventure has yet to present its most difficult challenges.

phase 9. Dagger: after the phase of the Reversal of Fortune and powerlessness, a deep insight is developed into the dark forces of the human soul.

phase 12. Elixir: After the hardest trial in the phase of Death and Resurrection, the most significant benefits of the journey can be reaped, often in the form of a deeper ripening of the personality, a deeper return to oneself as a gift to the community.

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