Whilst at its core it is a small family business, Double Healix is also an extensive network organisation with a wide range of stakeholders. The spectrum includes; trainers, limited companies, NGOs together with local, national and international authorities. Although we operate commercially we also deliver a substantial amount of “not for profit” work within the fields of education and sustainability.

  • References Below, you find several references of satisfied customers about their experiences with the Double Healix model and our way of training leaders. A picture is worth a thousand words. The Double Healix is an extremely effective, innovative and entertaining way to develop leadership qualities, in which you can reflect on your own behaviour based on familiar ... Read more

  • Who we are Manfred van Doorn … is an internationally active leadership trainer, offering  training courses for directors in England, Ireland, Belgium, Germany, Poland, Canada and the United States, but also for senior officials of China, South Africa and Kazakhstan. Within his extensive fields of expertise he frequently works in major MD programmes of multinationals such as Pon, TNT, ... Read more

  • Mission and Vision Mission Through our work and our model, we want to contribute to a world in which there may be a creative tension between the universal and the unique, in which the individual can achieve optimal realization, can learn to deploy this singularity to serve the bigger whole. We believe that there is an endless amount of wealth ... Read more

  • DNA of Leadership The Double Healix builds on the work of Joseph Campbell, in particular the phases he distinguishes in the Journey of the Hero (see: ‘The Hero with a Thousand Faces’) and his ideas about levels of awareness (see: ‘Man, Myth and Metaphor’ and ‘The Inner Reaches of Outer Space’). The Double Healix model fits in line ... Read more

  • Strategy and Sustainability Strategy Renewal in repetition Our strategy as a business, is that we want to enrich the world with insight, deepening of feelings and addressing the will by realizing it within ourselves. Continuously working on and with the model renews us, while the model also continues to deepen and renew itself… Contagious enthusiasm We hope that our pleasure and passion ... Read more

  • Clients CORPORATIONS Banks and insurance companies: ABN-Amro, Aegon, Atradius, C&E Bankers, ING Holland and Poland, Fortis, Dutch Bank, Rabobank, Triodos Holland and England, GLS Bank Germany, Mercur Bank Belgium, Denmark and France, Insinger de Beaufort Constructors/Semiconductors and designers: ASML, DHV, Logica CMG, Oracle, Origin. Manufacturing, sales, retail and service providers: Pon, TenneT, Cap Gemini, Clondalkin, Deloitte, Ahold, Tram Company The Hague (Haagse ... Read more

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